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Christoph Raff is an active composer, performer, educator and student in an extensive range of musical idioms. As a drummer, percussionist and mallet player, Raff has performed and recorded nationally and internationally. He completed his B.A. (2009) in Jazz/Popular Studies and Performance at the Swiss Jazz School (SJS) in Bern, Switzerland, where his principal instructors were Billy Brooks, Jan Fabricky and Dejan Terzic. Christoph is completing his musical studies in the masters program at the SJS, September 2011. Raffs additional studies include the Drummers Collective NY, the Manhattan School of Music NY and the Escuela Superior de Bataría in Buenos Aires. Aside from performing, Raff is currently working as a private instructor at the drum department in Stuttgart, Germany. Raff`s background and musical training have enabled him to master a great deal of diverse musical situations ranging from classical music to jazz and musicals. In 1997 and 2001, he won the 1st prize for solo drums in the national youth music competition “Jugend musiziert”. In 2003 in Stuttgart, Raff presented his conceptional compositions for solo drums and percussion describing masterpieces of visual arts, e.x. by William Turner, Henry Rousseau or Max Ernst.
Currently, Christoph Raff has revised and transformed some of these compositions into a musical suite which allows different open interpretations and approaches to improvisation. His Colectivo is the melting pot where all his experiences and influences as a young musician come together.

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