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I have been away from photography for years and was only a rank amateur at best. This site is a true inspiration for both the beauty of the material and the insight it gives me for things I would like to try. Ideas, ideas, ideas.

Now I just need to study up and learn the great variety of differences between film and digital. When I get around to uploading, I certainly look forward to all the constructive advice I can get.

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  1. I tried the fresh SD card...ML never installed on the card; removed all devices (grip), reloaded the firmware 1.0.2; reset all camera settings; copied all the ML files to an SD card that had never had ML loaded; performed the firmware update procedure…
  2. I'll try the fresh card...I have tried everything else several times. The card is the only thing I haven't tried swapping out. Thanks for the hint.
  3. I have a T3I running Firmware ver 1.0.2 and had previously loaded ML and it ran fine. I got stupid and did a low level format on my SD card and now I can't get it to reinstall on that firmware version. I reverted to 1.0.1 and ML loads and runs…
  4. We had the pleasure of visiting Chinchon by accident in 2009 and it was a wonderful accident. I would love to go back and spend more than one day wandering through the town. You have done a wonderful job of capturing the town plaza. The people…
  5. Order from chaos, peace from beauty. You have captured it very well.
  6. Very good emotional capture of a relationship. Thanks for putting it up.