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Motionart provides professional wedding videography and has a dedicated team of specialists based in East London. We have a wealth of experience in Asian wedding videography and photography, and are sympathetic to all religions and traditions.

Our camera crew has worked with TV commercials and many weddings that incorporate different traditions of different religions. In fact, we specialise in Asian wedding videography and photography, and understand the different aspects of each.

We can produce broadcast quality commercials and adverts that are ideal for raising your corporate image using our affordable multimedia solutions. As Motionart are a dynamic film and video production house, we receive bookings from many different industries, special events and especially weddings, but we are open to any film requests you might need.

Using the latest and best technology in the business, we provide distinctive and elegant films and pictures, which are precisely edited to your requirements. With an array of packages that we can tailor to your needs, you can be assured that working with Motionart will be easy and affordable, yet the results will be mind-blowing due to the sheer hard work and effort that goes into each project.

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