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Originally from Saarland, Germany, I am currently working hard towards a BA in Film Studies at the University of Portsmouth.
I am very interested in all aspects of the media industry and am very keen to gain as much experience as possible in this area.
I consider myself a motivated, hard-working individual and believe that my friendly demeanour and conscientious attitude would make me a valuable part of any team.

I moved to England on my own in 2011 (at the age of 20), having aspired to live here all my life.
I consider this move to be one of my biggest achievements and, although it was daunting, it was also vastly character-building and I haven't regretted it once.

In 2009 I spent several weeks shooting and editing an hour-long film (which included my entire school year as actors) using an Avid Video program. I have also produced various short films.

I am fluent in German and can speak French to a conversational level.
I can also read and translate Latin to a decent degree.

I enjoy doing charity work and volunteering; in 2010 I raised approx. 500 Euros to aid the earthquake victims in Haiti.

As well as watching films, I am passionate about filmmaking, screenwriting and all aspects of the production process.
As such, I try to get as much experience of this as possible; I was recently fortunate enough to spend time helping out on the set of Edgar Wright's The World's End, which is due to be released in cinemas later this year.

I have an interest in the power of digital and social media and its growing influence on the dissemination of information and new ideas. I find the growth of the online world, and the opportunities that it affords, extremely interesting. I strive to constantly keep up-to-date with The New York Times online and BBC News online.
I also enjoy reading blogs such as The Huffington Post, which combine trend-aware musings with politically relevant and topical discussion. I believe that these provide me with an important level of commercial awareness.

I read a lot, especially horror literature by H.P. Lovecraft and Stephen King, as well as world and classic literature - Salinger and Dickens being a couple of my favourites.

I love music - especially Rock; I learned to play guitar to an intermediate level when I was 14 and play whenever I have time.

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