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Tarka and Katie-Jane unify their expeditions, adventures and research under one name, Primal Journey. This is a life ambition to perpetually challenge and expand the achievement and understanding of humanity and of our planet.

Life is a journey not a destination! and they do their best to live their lives following this simple saying. In addition to the enjoyment and accomplishment they get from all our journeys, they aim to perpetually discover how resilient, resourceful, determined and flexible they can be.

Their expeditions include; the longest female and British crossing of the southern Patagonian ice cap, Operated a research station at -50C on the arctic ocean for three months as part of the Catlin Arctic Survey, trekked 4500km through the Taklimakan Desert and over the Qiling Mountain range to become the first to complete the entire length of the Great Wall of China, scaled Mt. Everest without oxygen, multiple summits of Mt. Blanc, crossed the frozen waste of the Sunta region in Siberia, scaled Choy Oyu, attempted a solo and unsupported expedition from Canada to the geographic north pole, led several winter crossing of the Svalbard archipelago, studied the psychological effects of isolation under stress whilst living alone at -45C north of Fort Yukon in Alaska, cycled 8000km through Africa on bicycles without gears or brakes, man-hauled across Point hope Alaska, climbed Cerro Acacongua, Plomo, Leonera and Tupungato, ran 8 marathons in 8 days, cycled a 1000km journey on bikes found recycled from the bin... And the best is still to come.

Their latest expedition across the Southern Patagonian Ice Cap can be viewed at rivers-of-ice.com

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