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Alert Bay BC, Canada

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Lakwalogwa (Barb Cranmer) is an award-winning writer, director and documentary film
producer. She is 'Na̱mg̱is, co-founder of Culture Shock Interactive Gallery, active in band and treaty politics, and lives in Alert Bay. Her films are:

I'tusto "To Rise Again"
chronicles the re-building of the ceremonial Bighouse in Alert Bay. Barb focuses on the ongoing cultural significance of bighouses to the Kwakwa̱ka̱'wakw peoples.

T'łina "The Rendering of Wealth" documents the traditional eulachon (or "oolichan") fishery on the British Columbia coast and its cultural and economic significance to the Kwakwa̱ka̱'wakw peoples.

'Qa̕tuw̕as "People Gathering Together"
show cases the rebirth of the Northwest Coast canoe culture.

Gwishalaayt "The Spirit Wraps Around"
featuring the art form of Chilkat weaving told by six First Nations weavers from coastal British Columbia, Alaska and the Yukon.

Łaxwesa Wa "Strength of the River"
documents the native fishery on the British Columbia Coast.

'Na̱megan's Om Dłu'Wa̱ns Awinagwisex̱ "We Are One With The Land"
highlights our people's journey to our Land in the Summer of 2009.

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