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Michalis Georgiou
Michalis Georgiou was born in Limassol, Cyprus in 1955.

He graduated from the Limassol Technical School with honours in architecture and at the same time followed evening classes of the London Institute of Building studying subjects such as surveying, technical, architectural and mechanical design, structural construction and quantity surveying. He was serving his army service at the time of the Turkish military invasion.

His musical education began at the age of 12 when he started clarinet lessons at the Limassol Municipal Music School. In 1977 he followed a course in education at Athens University. In 1979 he received his diploma in clarinet performance from Trinity College of Music in London and was appointed to the post of music tutor in secondary schools in Cyprus, a position from which he retired in 2010.

His broad knowledge on a variety of subjects such as design, construction, sculpture and music paved the way for his involvement in the construction of musical instruments. He maintains a workshop, where he constructs his instruments in Nicosia since 1980. Since 1990 has been specialising in the research and reconstruction of ancient Greek musical instruments.

In 1999 he took the initiative as a music tutor and created a large youth orchestra at the Palouriotissa Lyceum that was awarded the first gold medal of the Panhellenic Art Competition for Secondary Schools. The Ministry of Education in Greece awarded him with an honorary diploma for all the work and dedication he put into creating the orchestra.

In August 2000 Michalis Georgiou was invited to present his work at the “Terpandros” World Musicology Symposium held in Eresos, Mytilene. In November 2000 he founded the “Terpandros” ensemble composed entirely of ancient Greek musical instruments. He named it after the great kithara singer from Lesbos (7th century B.C.). The ensemble is a non-profit making organisation. “Terpandros” ensemble has presented a broad activity in Cyprus and abroad.

In 2001 Michalis Georgiou taught a series of seminars (March – May) on Ancient Greek music and musical instruments at the University of Cyprus.

In 2007 he received the “award of the ten fine arts” in Athens for his contribution to the reconstruction of ancient Greek musical instruments and for his research on ancient Greek music.

In 2008 he was an invited speaker at the “La musica dell’ antica Grecia” convention in Florence, where he presented the results of his research on the reconstruction of Apollo’s Kithara.

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