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I am an Independent Creative- writer, artist, photographer, designer of wearable art and one off fashion, interior decorator and lifelong learner. My blog can be visited at
I have just undertaken a reverse seachange and uplifted my life from the regional city of Townsville in North Queensland, Australia. My three children have moved on, I have sold all my furniture, put my house up for rent and the rest of my belongings into storage. I set off on a two and a half day solo road trip heading west to Charters Towers and then down through Central Queensland and NSW until I reached my destination of the big smoke, Sydney. I had my 4WD packed with the few essentials I needed to get started. Nowhere to live and I finally arrived in Sydney at 3am on a very rainy Friday morning. I am 50 years old and feel like I have been reborn.

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  1. Thanks Michael! I am hooked on vimeo now. Yes finding the right music is definitely part of telling the whole story and sharing the real experience. I have a song worm in my head from this music now:)