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A native of Washington State, Daniel (b. 1989, United States) has been composing music since before he could read. An early attraction to the Northwest’s ecological diversity led Daniel to canoe lakes, hike mountain trails, explore tide pools, and count the backs of migrating salmon in local streams. His music often reflects this early love of nature and natural sound. Equally important to Daniel is his exploration of experimental, interactive, electronic resources as incorporated into live music performances. Through a combination of live musicians and digital sound interfaces Daniel hopes to create “sound environments” that mirror for the listener the experience of entering a natural soundscape. Influenced by innovators in the field of telematic music such as William Duckworth and Matthew Burtner, Daniel ultimately aims to make the creation and performance of a musical work a community activity through live participation and performance both in the concert hall and over the internet.

As a music composition student at Lawrence University, Daniel received the Lawrence University Composition Scholarship and the James Ming Scholarship for composition. A recent piece, Bright Waves, for percussion duo and interactive electronics, was performed at the Society for Electroacoustic Music in the United States (SEAMUS) 2012 national conference. In 2013, Daniel received the prestigious Thomas J. Watson Fellowship to independently research a self-designed project: “Experiencing Nature through Computer Music.” Daniel’s music has been performed in the United States and Europe at venues such as the Nordstrom Recital Hall (Benaroya Hall, Seattle) and Bethaniënklooster in Amsterdam played by, among others, Seattle Symphony musicians, the Lawrence Symphony Orchestra, the World Youth Symphony Orchestra, the Beau Metro String Quartet, and the LUX Saxophone Quartet. Daniel has also received commissions from percussionist Alexv Rolfe and flautist Samuel Golter. Recently, Daniel also collaborated with Seattle-based photographer and filmmaker Zachary Burns resulting in a short video art piece, Progression in Stills.

In addition to his work as a composer, Daniel is active as a freelance music arranger, transcriber, and orchestrator. Recent commissions include a joint commission from Lawrence University and the Fox Valley Symphony to create the first extant engraved score and parts for LaVahn Maesch’s recently rediscovered Suite On Children’s Tunes. Original string orchestrations by Daniel Miller are featured on Portland, Oregon, singer/songwriter Alek Vila’s 2012 album Gratitude World. In addition, Daniel has received orchestration and transcription commissions from former Seattle Symphony Composer-in-Residence Samuel Jones and Los Angeles-based violinist and composer Michael McLean.

Daniel’s composition teachers have included Joël Bons, Eric Flesher, John Mayrose, Joanne Metcalf, and Asha Srinivasan. Daniel graduated from Lawrence University in 2013 with a Bachelor of Music in music theory/composition, cum laude, and a minor in philosophy.

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