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Carla Andrade is a Visual Artist from Spain. Her interest in aesthetic experience and how it works as a transformer of conscience took her to study Audio-visual Communications and Philosophy. She has worked in Artist Residencies in Iceland, Sweden, BilbaoArte (Spain), La Rioja (Spain) and Nepal.

Her work, mainly photography and video, has been exhibited individually and collectively at Contemporary Art Centers as the Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao, MARCO of Vigo, the CGAC of Santiago de Compostela, Center Center of Madrid, Museum of Costume in Madrid, The 104 in Paris, etc. And in countries such as USA, Brazil, Chile, Romania, Sweden, Germany, UK and Portugal.

She has been granted by Gas Natural Fenosa 2014, INJUVE 2013, BilbaoArte Foundation 2013 (and one of the 7 artists selected to perform a solo show in 2014) and VEGAP in 2012. She has won several Art Prizes in Spain such as the First Prize of Visual Arts of the Complutense University of Madrid in 2014, Emerging Absolut / Casa Arte Award, B-ellas Artes Prize (Fiart Foundation), Franc Vila Acquisition Award from Luis Adelantado Gallery, or the Women-Forum-Dialogue Prize from Alliance Française / Pilar Citoler (PhotoEspaña 2012), among others. Besides she has collaborated in many international Art Books and publications.

It should be pointed out her collaboration with the filmmaker Lois Patiño with whom she has collaborated very closely in his last two works, “Costa da Morte” and “Mountain in Shadow”, winners of important awards all around the world.

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