Markus 'Bobby Blue' Nikolaus

Frankfurt am Main/ Berlin

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Carrying Suitcases heavy on his hand through half of europe, mostly on his own ‘CUNT CUNT CHANEL‘ is producing his very first Solo-LP “The Monster Inside Of Me“ (Suena Hermosa, Berlin) that grabbed the attention to play various shows with artists on common ground like Balam Acab (Triangle Records), MOTORAMA (Talitres) and Tevo Howard (Tevo Howards Recordings, Chicago) as support so far in Germany. The idea was born in Ireland and lives on in Frankfurt am Main. Influenced by the Francfort electro scene, the solo project plays mostly full-on digital synthesizers, drum machine in the best sense of German design. Focus is still on the vocals and occasionally with accompaniment of guitar and bass. The themes of the songs hover incessantly. being lost as a rediscovery of happiness hope through pleasure and pain to overcome loneliness, weariness, hollowness and absurdity. The search and discovery of the soul in the very atmosphere. Played between static contrasts, the songs are mostly played minimalistic with dreamy features, whereupon the whole song slowly collapses under factory-like beats, distorted organ, deep bass and dental drills. The music not seen as an arrangement or composition, but only for what it is, at the moment it happens.


  1. Suzan Rinow
  2. HILDA magazine

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