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  1. A different time. A different people. But not to worry! We have Obama and Hillary now. Sad, isn't it........................IRmep...let me guess, you voted for these two incompetents?
  2. Bill commented on Delta Flavor
    Grew up in North Mississippi in the 50s and 60s. We've come a long way. Hope this guy goes a long way to success! We need 10 million more like him.
  3. Glad he lived!
  4. Glad you got the piano player in there! Bravo! Beautiful selection of music and playing!
  5. No translation necessary. Thank you!
  6. Bill commented on Maggots & Mongrels
    Go to 2:45 and watch this guys approach to landing! Pretty damn cool!
  7. Bill commented on Les Bon Vivants
    Balls and Backbone. That's what it took. No one to pave the way except themselves! Thanks to some courageous individuals!....and a Great Video!
  8. Bill commented on Louder than words
    The "Absolute Best" towing video I've ever seen! Congratulations!