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  1. Nice and smooth on such a windy day!
  2. Really sorry to see that so many guys continue to have failures with the Zenmuse. After getting a refund I bought the AeroXcraft gimbal at nearly half the price and I'm getting good results... reliably too! See more here:
  3. Brand new Phantom. Dealer installed the Zen Muse with Upgrade kit and tilt lever. Fired it up and you guessed it. DEAD and to add insult to injury CL Course Lock is not working as well. They suggested I recalibrate ?! At 699.00 they shoud have done…
  4. I too have a faulty gimbal. I just got mine last week and from the first flight my gimbal went dead after 5 minutes of flight. It seems to work for a few minutes then goes limp. Other times it does not work at all! I'm going to send back to the dealer!