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Soul Purpose Media is a full service video production company that specializes in crafting unique stories for unique purposes. We establish relationships with clients to produce the content they want and more. We are storytellers who tell your story. Our goal is to take your idea and put it into a structure that your audience understands. Through the use of video, text, motion graphics, and music we produce a cohesive product that can be used for various forms of media. Filmmaker Goddey Asemota founded Soul Purpose Media in 2005. The Baltimore native began his media career in 2001 with HBO, and quickly garnered the attention of several key executives for his hard work and passion, which spurred his move to New York. Since his arrival in New York in 2003, Mr. Asemota received a BA in Film Production from Brooklyn College. Professional Goddey has produced and edited for such top companies as NBC, Coca-Cola, C-Net, HBO, Getty Images, BBC, and New York Film Academy. Goddey started Soul Purpose Media on one principle, create unique media for unique purposes.