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Our mission is to discover the best products out there, and if they don't exist, create them.

In today's world you find yourself surrounded with a myriad of choices in terms of film equipment and technology. It's almost impossible to keep up with every new piece of gear being released around the world - frankly even for us. Hopefully we will bring a little harmony to you amidst the chaotic swirl of technology.
We have a passion for finding gems amidst the storms of new products. We're constantly searching for the best-of-breed tools out there for our own work, and we're happy to share those discoveries on Visual Buddha. Simply put, we're obsessed with imagery & technology and exploring new ways to combine the two in a cutting edge fashion.
While we will never proclaim to have even a fraction of all of the solutions, our combined industry experience adds up to a little over a century, yet we're sill a giddy as schoolboys when we discover something special, let alone groundbreaking.
Finding the best "piece of kit" takes time - and experience. Only through actual use out in the field can we truly judge what will work on sets big and small - and what will last the abuses we put it through.
We're not elitist mind you - we value a good bargain just as much as the next person - but we're simply not willing to cut corners either. We would never recommend a product that we ourselves wouldn't bring onto an important job of our own.
Visual Buddha provides a filter on the world of gear, we share our take on what’s valuable and interesting in the film and photography world today - and what will be tomorrow. We take the best tools we can find in the cinema and photography world, and share our insights on what makes them excel and why you should know about them.
And if there's something we really need, but simply can't find out there, we've put a group of individuals together who have the expertise to make it come to life. Because there's something very special about being able to create a tool that we know has the potential to make everyone's job just a little easier, or to help create a shot we've never seen before.
We're strongly committed to education, to sharing our knowledge on how best to use these tools in ways that we hope will inspire creativity for anyone who visits the site.
So sign up for our newsletter and visit often. Our goal is to curate a collection of excellent gear that we all need, one piece at a time and at our own pace. We welcome you to follow us along this journey.

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