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I am Handi Tan, 24 years of age. I was born in Indonesia and have been living in Perth, WA since 2002. I studied Bachelor of Arts (Visual Arts) majoring in Painting for 3 years at Edith Cowan University. After uni I studied Multimedia and Animation for 2 years.

I am a hand drawn animator/artist and really passionate in what I do.

My ultimate goal is to become a professional animator/ character designer/ storyboard artist/ drawer.

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  1. Handi Tan commented on When I grow up
    that scene whens she's looking at the inside of a cupcake's shop. I heard that song. this is a great animation btw. I shared it to everyone I know.
  2. Handi Tan commented on When I grow up
    that is great. I heard a song d'Jattendrai by Django Reindhardt in the middle of the animation.