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  1. Heli Video Productions LLC

    Heli Video Productions LLC PRO Texas USA


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    EST. 1.1.10 Find me on Facebook: http://helivideo.com/facebook Recent work includes : CBS News 48 Hours Nike NFL Films History Channel Fuel TV Discovery HD Theater Speed Channel UnExpected de DreamWorks

  2. IronMule

    IronMule PRO Leawood, Kansas


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    IronMule Creative develops advertising, marketing, product stories and video assets for a broad range of companies and industries. We specialize in blending compelling copy, insightful interviews, and genuine imagery that captivate and inspire customers, employees, and the public. We've learned…

  3. Scott Bosworth

    Scott Bosworth Plus Kansas City


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    Scott Bosworth was destine to become a director and a director of photography, often finding himself in a bit of trouble during those early years... “Is that thing permanently attached to your head?!" his mom would often inquire of the family’s 16mm Bolex camera. Graduating with a…

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