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  1. FilmmakerIQ.com

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    FilmmakerIQ.com was created to bring filmmakers together in a creative, positive and fun environment. Whether you work with video, film, photography, illustration, animation, television, music, writing, FilmmakerIQ.com is the place to network with experienced, knowledgeable and inspiring filmmakers…

  2. Cloud in the Sky Studios

    Cloud in the Sky Studios PRO Ottawa


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    Ottawa based film company striving for creative innovation. Specialized in advertising, art, film, fashion, and music. URL: http://www.cloudintheskystudios.com Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/cloudskystudios Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/cloudintheskystudios

  3. Anthony Palmer

    Anthony Palmer London.


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    I started working in media as a BBC radio trainee which led to working as producer for Radio 5 Live before in 2003 moving into digital video. Given the radio background, my work still primarily involves interviewing but now my specialisms are video ethnography as well as people profiles. It isn't…

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