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  1. Dave McCoy

    Dave McCoy


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    Pictures are worth a thousand words....My job takes me to some amazing and beautiful places that many do not have the opportunity to see in their lives. My goal is to inspire vicariously through my travels with fly rod and camera to provide just a few moments of wonder and solitude to those willing…

  2. Kokkaffe Media

    Kokkaffe Media PRO Scandinavia


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    Kokkaffe Media is comprised of champion day-dreamers Rolf Nylinder and Peter Christensen. We like soft focus on life, and try to steer clear of excessive seriousity..seriousnessity...seriousliciousness...? What!? Anyway, we make films about different things, but mostly about fly fishing and other things…

  3. Ryan Peterson

    Ryan Peterson Plus Anchorage, AK


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    Rivers + salmon + people. Alaska, Canada, Russia.

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