Chris Spradley

Austin/Houston, Texas

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From Houston originally, just moved back to Texas after living in LA for 4.5 years and LOVE being back home.

My friends call me BeachBum for the obvious reasons; I love the beach, the sunshine, the water and the attitude. Laid back.

I'm a beer, food and sports geek in big ways. I spent 6 years in sports broadcasting and have worked in the beer and food industry as well.

My favorite beer styles are stouts, esp Bourbon aged stouts and Russian Imperials. I also like the hoppiness of good IPA's.

I cook a lot as well and enjoying pairing different foods with beer and even teaching beer and food pairing. I was even a finalist on the first season of Master Chef!

I'm also the host of a new craft beer show called Breweries, Bars and Beer Food. Check out the website at the link above!

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