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Star6 is a highly-addictive sound remix instrument that allows you to create an infinite variety of amazing sounds from your own samples or by using our free presets. Chop up beats with a flick of the wrist! Pitch any sample up and down like a Theremin! Use the iPhone's accelerometer to control Star6's powerful granular synthesis engine to change the Pitch, Speed, Gate, Sample Order, Sample Size and Randomness of the samples. Record it all with the press of a button and download recordings to your computer in a flash. Star6 is the first fully-featured, performance-grade sample instrument for the iPhone. We've worked to make it a fun yet practical tool for musicians of every skill level, play around with it and explore for yourself!

Star6 is a collaboration between musician Jason Forrest and Agile Partners, makers of GuitarToolkit. Follow us on Twitter (@star6app) to get all the release news and check our website ( to see Star6 in action!

Works well on all generations of iPhones and iPod touches. Fully compatible with iPhone OS 3.0.

- Granular synthesis audio engine: The key to Star6’s power is an amazing audio processing engine based on granular synthesis, where sound is broken into tiny “grains,” manipulated, and then reassembled, with incredible results.

- Six sample pads: Users can select preset sounds or easily upload their own AIFF or WAV loops.

- Built-in sample packs (and additional free samples online): Users can select from seven awesome built-in sample packs with six samples each or download additional free samples packs from the website.

- Accelerometer-based sound control: Star6 leverages the iPhone’s accelerometer as a fun and intuitive means of controlling audio processing. Users can even change multiple synthesis settings at once by placing fingers on multiple pads and moving the device.

- Dual audio modes: Use “Sync Mode” to keep samples on the beat and “Grain Mode” for bizarre continuous tones and random effects.

- BPM/Tempo: Star6 uses granular synthesis to adjust the playback speed for all samples from 1 - 303 BPM while preserving pitch.

- Real-time Process Display: Star6 dynamically displays the state of your sound synthesis settings.

- Session-based Sample Management: Samples can be organized in any configuration, saved in any state, and added or deleted easily.

- BPM Indicator: Flashes on the beat to provide a visual indicator of playback speed.

- Play, Pause, Reset, Reverse, and Save: With a single touch, users can turn audio on and off, reset the process back to the original with one touch, or play your sample backwards. All creations are saved automatically.

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