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  1. Tom Cole

    Tom Cole Plus Los Angeles, CA


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    I am Director and Editor based in LA, originally from London. Check out my site www.tomcole.tv Represented by Lord Danger in the US - http://lorddanger.com/ & by Blueberry Creatives in London - http://www.blueberrycreatives.co.uk/

  2. Shaun Benson
  3. Jordan Cushing

    Jordan Cushing Plus London, UK


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    I am a London based Director of Photography working across a wide range of genres and formats. I have shot five features, dozens of shorts, commercials and music videos, and hundreds of hours of broadcast television and corporate video. You can see some of my work here on Vimeo in my videos section,…

  4. Christina M Ra
  5. Tony Kent

    Tony Kent Vancouver


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    Film & video editor working out of Vancouver, BC.

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