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  1. Inspirational

    by François Mathey joined

    89.9K Videos / 21.7K Members

    Creative and short visual entertainment. Web: http://1nspirational.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/1nspirational Channel: http://vimeo.com/channels/1nspirational PLEASE DON'T…


    by Marc Scott joined

    11.6K Videos / 2,946 Members

  3. ALEXA users

    by Michael R. Brazeau joined

    68 Videos / 455 Members

    A selection of videos captured with the ARRI ALEXA digital cinema camera.


    by Brasil Filmes joined

    970 Videos / 797 Members


    by paul sloan joined

    359 Videos / 96 Members

    Creators work I admire: Animators, filmmakers, video game designers

  6. top_musicVideo_directors

    by massta joined

    248 Videos / 142 Members

    Artistic talent that proves they are good directors. Sticking to music related pieces for this group unless it is exceptional otherwise.

  7. Filmmakers

    by Keith joined

    169 Videos / 4,722 Members

    Filmmakers Unite! Let's talk over a bag of popcorn. Companion site for www.vimeo.com/FilmMakers . If you like this site also check out Video Militia - www.videomilitia.com - New Community-Based…

  8. The Directors

    by Damian Calvo joined

    2,548 Videos / 811 Members

    This group is for Directors to connect, comment on and share their work. This group does not discriminate in formats. The storytelling is the key. Please upload a maximum of two videos at a time to…

  9. Film Independent (FIND)

    by Film Independent joined

    2,202 Videos / 716 Members

    At Film Independent our mission is to champion the cause of independent film and support a community of artists who embody diversity, innovation, and uniqueness of vision. We achieve this by…

  10. Toronto Indie

    by Dan and Terri joined

    123 Videos / 51 Members

    Videos from Toronto's independent music scene

  11. Your Best Video of the Year

    by Blake Whitman joined

    7,646 Videos / 4,655 Members

    Pick your single *best* video of the year and add it to the group! :)

  12. Short Films

    by Daniel Encinas joined

    9,378 Videos / 4,047 Members

    Group dedicated to Short Films.

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