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The U.S. Committee for the United Nations Development Program (UNDP-USA) aspires to build a world in which Americans are educated about the importance of international development to the building of a more democratic, prosperous, peaceful, and secure planet.

We envision a nation in which citizens understand, appreciate, and support the special role UNDP and the UN development system play in making this dream a reality. Above all, we envision a strong America which leads a cooperative global effort to free billions from the curse of hunger, ignorance, mismanagement, conflict, and preventable illness.

UNDP-USA strives to educate Americans about UNDP’s crucial role in international development, provide a forum to discuss how America can best provide support and leadership to the UN Development system, and coordinate that support. We do this by:

* Educating the policy community about the importance of UNDP to achieving American development objectives, the value of UNDP partnerships, specific ways America can support UNDP.
* Building partnerships between UNDP and corporate leaders with an interest in international development.
* Engaging individual American citizens who wish to support UNDP.

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