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Born in Australia. Ozzie influenced to playing AFL Football was just about to turn professional before injury struck, shattering a potentially promising career. Ozzie then became a Motor Mechanic traveling around Australia working on Heavy Earth Moving Rigs and mustering buffalo and cattle. Ozzie was convinced to join an acting agency due to his particular character looks. Attracted to it because of his curiosity.Ozzie was quite often picked to come forward while doing extra work which soon turned into featured extra roles and bit parts. He then commenced full time acting training and since hasnt look back ! Ozzie has performed in over a dozen short films from extra to lead roles to featured films like Chameleon 3 Dark Angel: The Lost World: Crocodile Dundee in LA: to featured role in PJ Hogan’s “Peter Pan”: Condemned :Vigilante : Pistolero that won best foreign film in LA 07 : ICU : & many TV Commercials. And just finished a lead role for a Feature Sci Fi Film that has Japan & many other countries on board ;The Dark Lurking premiered at Cannes Film Festival 08. Also just finished a TV Series called The Strip Cast in 8 Episodes playing 2ic to the Russian Mafia. And in 09 has just completed a feature film "Loyalty" and has a role in Narnia - "Voyage Of The Dawn Treader" with even greater projects on the horizon ! 2012 Ozzie ventured to Hollywood where he now has a manager and talent agency in LA winning many big production feature films to commercials, much more shown on Ozzie's IMDb site, link shown below !

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