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Soul Stories are insightful creations that pull out the sensitive & vulnerable pieces of your soul, which are written to make you remember how every ingrained or forgotten moment can be turned into some thing beautiful for you to read...

When l write these Soul Stories, l honestly feel like l'm pulling out pieces of your soul, (mixed up with the real, the pretend & even some of my own) & then trying to turn them into something beautiful for you to read...
What l humbly wish for, is out of the hundreds of stories l have written, that 'one' will reach into your heart and give it a gentle squeeze - that just one will remind you how to feel and open you up to some of the yummy stuff that we so easily forget...

I believe that in order to better our future we need to be more aware of our hearts, our feelings & to understand holistic compassion...
We are taught so many wonderful things at school and within society - but from what l have experienced and read about, there seems to be a lack of education of the heart.
My dream is for Soul Stories to be part of that teaching.
That no matter how heartbreaking or beautiful your story may be, we need to realise that they are all important & incredibly true about each of us - building us into the best possible versions of ourselves, who we are today and will continue to grow into day after day…

A future full of peace, compassion, true integrity & kindness… 'this is the heart of Soul Stories', which is purely written from 'your' heart. It's already there, inside of us all - we just need to remember these ‘same, same but different' stories when relating to other wonderful souls... xxx

Soul Stories is a Non-profit organisation.

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