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If you need a director, an editor or a colourist, why don't you get in touch. I'm based in Asia, but I work everywhere, on location and remotely. Whatever suits the project, whatever suits your workflow, I'm always here to help.

I also run Studio 163 ( a full service production company, working on projects in Europe, America and Asia, so if you have a project that needs to get made, taking an idea from concept to delivery - drop me a line!

Some of my recent awards include;
**WINNER BEST DRAMA** The Smalls International Film Festival 2012 (Hooked - short film)
**WINNER GRAND PRIZE** The Smalls International Film Festival 2012 (Hooked - short film)
**3RD PRIZE AUDIENCE AWARD** Premiers Courts, 2011 (Hooked - short film)
**WINNER GRAND JURY PRIZE** Genero.TV 2011 - Sincity (music video)

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