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What up I'm Sylvia syl for short


  1. Amy Silva
  2. Ed Sheeran
  3. juan cristobal meza
  4. Camilo Puebla
  5. arie
  6. Xavier Wilcher
  7. Marc Beroza
  8. Aleksandar Avramov

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  1. That's right there's nothing wrong with this song it's just saying that u can be gay or Leboz if u want to be macklemore made this song for his 4 gay uncles because they were getting laughed at and bulled by ppl like u Michael so stop bing a bully…
  2. Ed Sheran I love u
  3. I love this song this is mine and my bffls song bc we will wait for each other,OCEANA JUDY MARY JANE KATHRINE DIAMOND LUIS IGNAICO LOVE ALL OF U GUYS :*