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Tim is a professional extreme sports athlete who has appeared on numerous TV programmes, including BBC "Top Gear", BBC "Ultimate Rock Climb", the Audi Channel and 2008 Range Rover Advert

He is a published author and was filmed in 'Psicobloc' ... considered by many to be the most dynamic and eye-catching rock climbing video ever produced. It won no less than six international awards.

Having reached the top of his profession, Tim has since successfully toured the UK and Europe with his motivational lecture for schools and is popular on the corporate circuit, with his engaging style of presentation.

He is an incredibly charismatic speaker. Laid-back but dynamic at the same time; entertaining with his humour and great video footage.

Here's what people have to say about Tim's Presentations

"We were happy to welcome Tim Emmett as one of our keynote speakers during the NorthgateArinso worldwide managers meeting in 2009. We enjoyed a fantastic presentation into the wonderful world of mountaineering, ice climbing and base jumping. It was absolutely fascinating to see some of the great resemblances between business challenges on the one hand and outdoor adventures on the other. I can definitely advise everyone to
take on this thrilling ride with Tim.

Michael Custers - VP Marketing - NorthgateArinso"
JUNE 2009

"Tim Emmett's session was a breath of inspirational fresh air. Not only were his extreme adventures in words and video incredibly entertaining and funny, the extraordinary challenges he sets himself were completely awe-inspiring. Tim drew fundamental and simple learnings from these experiences that really made an experienced business team sit up, think and rethink. Above all, it was a truly inspiring hour that captured everyone's imagination and fired us all up."

Nick Martin, MD, Axciom 2008

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