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Sweet and Sound is a London-based online music and arts magazine that is focused on finding and keeping you updated on innovative emerging artists. Genre is not something to define our choice of artist: if we like it, we will talk about it. If you would like to contribute something contact us at info@sweetandsound.co.uk.

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  1. Niall O'Brien
  2. Bobby Jewell
  3. Theo Sion
  4. Esther Theaker
  5. Juan Chao
  6. Matea Jocić
  7. chelsee ivan
  8. vaheraslak
  9. Rory Gleeson
  10. Ben Rayner
  11. Hans Lo
  12. Carles Rodrigo
  13. Kimberley Grant
  14. Lewis Chaplin
  15. joe wensley
  16. alison childs
  17. tommy boy