Hiroshi Katagiri

Los Angeles CA

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Sculptor/Character designer Hiroshi Katagiri
Born in Tokyo, Japan, 1972, Hiroshi was always interested in watching movies, especially the Special FX in the movies. When he was 13, he found a book in the local book store about Special FX Make-up. It was the first book published in Japan about FX Make-up, and this changed his entire view about movies.
At the age of eighteen he moved to the United States to find work in the Special FX industry. He started off working for Screaming Mad George when he was 19. A year later he was awarded the green card and became a freelance artist and started to get involved in character creation of various TV shows and movies.
He won the Emmy Award for X-files TV series in 1998.
Between 2000 and 2006, he worked at Stan Winston Studio as one of the main artists for several block buster movies, such as: "A.I." "Jurassic Park 3" "The Time Machine" "Zathura" "Doom" "War of the World",
Hiroshi returned to freelance artist again and continues to be highly involved in the character creations for many movies.