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Specialising in working with dirt cheap budgets, I have been making music video's and short films for a long time.
I have little to no ambition to 'make it big', which is usually the source of most film-maker's distractions.
I am, first and foremost, interested in creating original and interesting pieces of work that stand out from the crowd and enjoy working with others that feel the same way.

I started making films at the age of ten with borrowed camera's and have around 20+ films of dubious quality. They relied on improvisation a lot and that's something I still try to use in all of my output. With no budget, spontaneity counts for a lot!!

I spent around six years in higher education (some valuable, some not so)
But in any case, I left with an A-Level in Art/Film, a BTEC in Film & Media Production and a BA Honours in Film & Television Production. I took this experience and put in towards a successful Broadcasting career - but this is as far as my qualifications have taken me. I've tried not to get involved in the film industry.

Being a musician on the side however, has given me the opportunity to specialise in Live Events (particularly in the Underground Heavy Metal scene) I would like to push my skills and knowledge in this environment into shooting actual video's/promo's.

My other works border on the realm of Art Film, and while I have a A-Level qualification in this subject, I've never seen myself as an Artist. However, I do seem to be working on a lot of Artistic projects at the moment, and its work that I enjoy. It's a challenge to push myself in a genre I dont fully understand yet and I'm learning things about myself and my visual idea's that I never knew I had in me.

In the future I would like to be working with like minded individuals, creating original and forward thinking work...... and getting paid for it too!!

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