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I am a Comm Media student concentrating in Video Production at Fitchburg State University. I love playing, recording, editing and listening to music. I love being in the film creation process whether it be during the actual production of the film or in post production. I have been blessed with the opportunity to have traveled a lot over the years, but I have been even more blessed in having a way to capture it and show what the world looks like outside of a city. I really enjoy photography as well. I've been enjoying my ability to be on live radio in the past year and share my musical tastes as well as build upon my public speaking skills. I have pretty good computer knowledge as well as some understanding in interactive media with web design. I stride to gain a job in video production and continue expanding my knowledge on the subject as it is very interesting, as well as enjoyable to partake in.


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  1. I remember this. I wish I had had the idea before you, cause this is kinda my style lol