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Sean Garland was born in Dublin.

Ireland's spirit of storytelling, writing, music and art set the tone of his ambitions early on. So too an obsessive love affair with film, primarily the groundbreaking films of America's 1970's auteur and movie brat directors such as Steven Spielberg, John Carpenter, Francis Ford Coppola, Terrence Malick and William Friedkin.

After kick-starting his career as one of the youngest crew members on Jim Sheridan's In The Name Of The Father he headed out to Los Angeles and worked on an array of both independent and studio films for industry experience. These included Ridley Scott's White Squall and Neil Jordan's Interview With The Vampire. On Jordan's seminal vampire film he worked alongside actors Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and legendary creature effects designer Stan Winston (Aliens, The Terminator, Jurassic Park) at Winston's own Stan Winston Studios.

Garland then returned to Ireland to write and direct his first film, the award winning short, The Majesty of The Haunt.

Since then, basing himself in London and Dublin, he has written and directed numerous shorts, music promos and documentaries with commissions from MTV, Sony Music, and Tate Modern.

His moody, psychological thriller short, The Wheelhouse, shot entirely out at sea on a weather-beaten fishing trawler off the coast of Cornwall, won the Turner Classic Movie Awards Most Commendable List and also made the Official Selection at the Denver International Film Festival.

It was followed by NokotaHeart, Garland's award winning feature documentary about Vietnam vet turned horse rancher Leo Kuntz and his fight to save the equine legacy of Sitting Bull out on the great plains of North Dakota. The acclaimed film won Best Feature Documentary at the White Sands International Film Festival in New Mexico and Best Cinematography at the Arizona international Film Festival before being picked up for distribution by New Wave Films.

Garland is in post-production on Banshee Blacktop, a supernatural folk tale and tragic love story. Banshee Blacktop will be Garland's first dramatic feature film and is due for completion at the end of 2014.


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