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Dear friends,
Despite his extraordinary life and activity there is still not a comprehensive published biography of the 16th Gyalwa Karmapa. For this since two years I collect material about his life, which eventually would become such a biography.
His lifestory would be of course a central part of this book, as well as descriptions from those who knew the 16th Karmapa; some of his (16th Karmapa) Vajrasongs and short instructions will also be included. All this is not to remain abstract but alive with the testaments of people who met him. For countless people the 16th Karmapa was a turning point in their lives who simply by his presence – 'carried them forward into another dimension' as it is expressed by one of his pupils. Even those of us who did not know him can find in him a strong inspiration for our way.

Any suggestions for ideas, texts, photos or references to people whom one can still ask are welcome. And just a small remark: As we all know the Karma Kagyü school went sometimes through a difficult time after his paranirvana. This book will avoid any kind of politics and instead of taking sides be trying to remember the vision of HH the 16th Karmapa: Non-sectarian the practicioners should work together.

I look forward to receiving your suggestions, material and help. Thank you!!!

With best wishes to you and all sentient beings,
Cordial greetings from the Auvergne,

Gerd Bausch editor

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About „me“ the editor:

I have accomplished my studies in Sociology with the professional aim to become Journalist. Meeting Lama Gendün Rinpoche in 1994 gave my life a new orientation. In 2000 I moved to France, where I completed a 3-year retreat and continues to live, work and practice.