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KNOWN PiXELS, located in St. Louis, MO, helps companies with Branding Imagery, both Moving & Still. Because of a strong Marketing background, KNOWN is not just a Production Company, but instead can function as a Marketing Partner that focuses on the Imagery (Video + Photos) of your Brand as well as developing your Content Marketing (Inbound Marketing) assets. KNOWN can help you create the Imagery needed to give your company an authentic and unique voice in the marketplace.

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SPROUTING PiXELS creates Brand Imagery for SMALL Businesses at greatly reduced prices. The process of Video Production and Photography is simplified and since we've simplified our workflow, you will spend less money. We help your Small Business, uhmm, Sprout.

CHEERING PiXELS is all about SPORTS. Mark is a lifelong soccer geek and brings his love of sports and athletes along for the ride to create Highlight Reels, Sports Portraits and Sports Marketing Projects.

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