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Compathos Foundation is a media production, education and research organization harnessing the power of the arts and media to inspire transformation, global citizenry and social action.

Our growing community of award winning artists and media pros are passionate about creating inspiring socially oriented media campaigns that deliver measurable impacts and generate viewer action. We believe the power of story not only inspires and raises awareness, but also helps to promote positive change by multiplying philanthropic and volunteer resources to organizations and communities worldwide.

As story advocates, we want you to know about the people, organizations, art and films that inspire us. We create and curate transmedia content that enables a broad audience to identify entry points for action. We engage individuals and communities through film screenings, workshops, events and on-line content. Behind the scenes, we support artists and filmmakers in their craft, and in their expanding roles as social entrepreneurs. Equally important, we help those involved with positive change extend their reach as engaging storytellers.

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