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  1. KORB

    KORB Plus Vilnius


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    DESIGN & VFX BOUTIQUE Clients: CCTV-9, Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Telekom, FOX Sports 1, FITC Toronto, Formula 1, Gucci, HBO, MTV, Nike, O2, Philip Morris, Rogue DZN, Science Channel Agencies: DixonBaxi, Grey Paris, Havas Worldwide Germany, JL Design, Mutabor, Leo Burnett Dubai, Ruini e Mariotti,…

  2. Orland Nutt

    Orland Nutt Portland, OR


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    born, 1980. Aquarius.

  3. Rob Rosenthal

    Rob Rosenthal Plus Portland, Oregon USA


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    Arguably the greatest advertising mind to ever come out of Buffalo, Wyoming (population 1,267). A 360° thinker who is equally adept working in the interactive, broadcast, print or out-of-home mediums, naming a product, or producing for film and video. As a creative director, has a long track record…

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