Allende G. (Måcho)

Tampa Bay, FL. / San Juan, P.R.

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On the pursue to expand beyond the current artistic horizons: Musical, Dance & Visual.

Vimeo is my type of artistic community 100 Grand.

I Hope to positively challenge all to take Afro-Puerto Rican Bomba to the highest artistic level.

Trying to keep a low profile on this web site... LOL! Love you all! Pe@ce!

If you found me here hit me up with a private message

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  2. BLR_VFX
  3. Garganta Records
  4. Stu Maschwitz
  6. Robert  A. Zavala
  7. Victor Carrey
  8. Jeff Frost

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  1. NIce! that lady is too much for that guy!... LOL!
  2. Got my vote brother!... Tienes mi absoluto apoyo! :)