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my name is Jim Bonito I am a heating and Air conditioning contractor ,I work totally by myself I have been doing this type of work for over 25 years . The work includes ,troubleshooting , diagnostics,repair and some installations , it includes Plumbing and electrical . I also have had a love for Music since childhood and have been at a level of semi pro ,playing my Drums , not any playing of late . My obsession now is RC Helicopters and Quadcopters , I can use some of my skills in troubleshooting to repair the aircraft etc .I have a lot of patience in which you need for this hobby due to the high learning curve. I also hope to use some if any of my creative skills from my music to learn and incorperate simple editing of my videos . edit in some Music and text . I am having trouble learning how to use iMovie . I know this would help me if i could master iMovie a little more . The picture you see of the wings and star is from my uncle T-Sgt. Joseph DiVita who was part of the crew(engineer) of a B-24J Liberator in WWII he died for his country on Feb. 28, 1944 When they were flying from one base to the other the B-24 I believe had some mechanical trouble and went down off the coast of Australia, this patch is an original patch that must have been sent home with his personal effects 22nd Bombardment group , The Red Raiders

PS I had a fly-a-way with my DJI Phantom on Sept 11th never thought it would happen to me , but it did GoPro and all went Bye Bye ... so I wont be uploading any Videos till I get a new set-up It wont be that long , I miss it already , as its been pointed out to me by several rc enthusiast the Phantom and GoPro have come down in price . Still hard to swallow losing $1100 and change its out there somewhere ... see ya soon Jim Bonito


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  1. Jon you must be an editor as your real profession , Man I would like to be able to edit a speck of the way you do ... i have no skills at all but do have a good 27 " i mac and iMovie etc ... just praise for you