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Sam Tha Bull is an amazing talent showing impressive skill and appeal with his, West Africans finest, style of; singing, music production, music engineering, piano playing, and song writing. Versatile in his native Sierra Leon flow, Sam Tha Bull’s music is of Reggae, and African dancehall origin. Sam Tha Bull was groomed in his church choir and sang soprano as a chorister. In 2005 Sam Tha Bull produced the first Sierra Leonean album to be made in Philadelphia and went on to produce two #1 hit singles on Sierra Leone charts. Release of his awaited Mix CD “RED LIGHT” is scheduled for August 30th, 2013.The first single is the theme song sharing the title “Red Light”. The follow up is called “Girl A for Wine”, a song that has been described as dancehall at its best. In fall of 2013 Sam Tha Bull will release his second Album “Versatile 2”.

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