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  1. Metodista

    Metodista PRO SBCampo, SP - Brasil


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    A Universidade Metodista de São Paulo é uma instituição de ensino comprometida com o conhecimento colaborativo, a sustentabilidade e bem-comum. Nela você encontra cursos de Graduação, Especialização, Mestrado e Doutorado, cursos de Atualização…

  2. The Foreign Exchange

    The Foreign Exchange Wilmington | Raleigh, NC


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    "Authenticity" is the 3rd full-length from indie-soul duo The Foreign Exchange. Picking up where their 2008 Grammy-nominated "Leave It All Behind" set left off, "Authenticity" is the group's most diverse work to date, with a tight, 11-track song cycle spanning the…

  3. Plug Research

    Plug Research Plus Los Angeles


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    Find More Plug Research @: Twitter: twitter.com/PlugResearch Facebook: facebook.com/pages/Plug-Research-Records/105125614880 Myspace: myspace.com/plugresearchmusic YouTube: youtube.com/PlugResearch Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/plugresearch-music Blogspot: plugresearch.blogspot.com

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