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Funky Feet Dance Company provides dance enrichment programs that consist of unique blends of dancing and singing that are sure to bring out a child’s true potential.

Funky Feet instructors teach the coolest moves and use the latest tunes to get your Funky Feet moving! Our unique teaching methods bring out an immeasurable joy of dance in all our participants – no matter the age. Singing, smiling and dancing are what we do best!!

Our Funky Feet dance programs range from children just learning to walk all the way up to teens. Through our programs, kids develop confidence, self-esteem, build emotional and social skills and learn how to express themselves without the fear of “getting it right” as they stretch their imagination through movement.
We, at the Funky Feet Dance Company, are also very cognizant of the importance of developing physical and social coordination. Children learn to use their own bodies to explore space, rhythm, music and mood through fun activities by learning and practicing steps and routines. Aside from movement development and physical coordination realized at each level, we are conscious of the importance of leaving time for fun games and improvisation.

Funky Feet Dance Company offers many diversified programs, ranging from after- school programs, daycares, mom and tot programs, private home groups, camps, birthday parties. We can also coordinate any special dance event that you are hosting, either at your home or at a site that you have chosen.

We welcome you to becoming part of our growing Funky Feet culture!