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  1. Jason Silva

    Jason Silva


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    Twitter.com/JasonSilva || Facebook.com/JASONLSILVA Contact me: Info(at)ThisIsJasonSilva(dot)com "A Timothy Leary of the Viral Video Age" was how The Atlantic described television personality, media artist, filmmaker and techno-philosopher Jason Silva, who has also been described as…

  2. Corinna Del Bianco
  3. Tejaswi Raghurama

    Tejaswi Raghurama Bangalore


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  4. Muhammad Farooq Haydar
  5. aravind patnaik

    aravind patnaik Glasgow


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    Ahoy ! .. I'm Aravind. Originally from India, I have plonked myself in Glasgow. I'm currently pursuing my 2nd year of study in the Masters in Communication Design at the School of Art. I graduated as an architect and after a few years in the industry realised there were smaller nagging…

  6. chitra vishwanath
  7. shenj061297
  8. Nitish Sharma
  9. Neha Ashok Donthi

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