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Also known as Dawn Donohoe since September '08. I am a freelance motion graphics designer with 15+ years of industry experience. I live and work in London. My Clients include Lord Richard Attenborough, Electronic Arts, Microsoft Games Studio, Cartoon Network, Lipsync, The Creative Partnership, Sky Sports, Unit 51 and many, many more.

My tasks have been extremely varied Designing and animating corporate logos, creating animation for TV spots & film trailers, title sequences for TV and Film, programme graphics, & feature length VFX work, Creating in-game assets as well as supportive material (pre-visualisation) and marketing/promotional videos.

I’ve also just set up a company called FlyFaction with other creative people. We have worked for clients such as BBC Worldwide, L’Oreal Garnier Paris, The Bodyshop and Yada Yada Productions. FlyFaction's vimeo page is here vimeo.com/user3044314

I'm always interested to hear about new and exciting creative opportunities. Feel free to contact me dawn_prance@hotmail.com or dawn@flyfaction.com

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