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Mexico City

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eXpanded Cinema Artist | eXperimental Filmmaker

Rafael Balboa lives and works in Mexico City. His film production is characterized by a strong focus on abstract films. Since recently, he is working mainly with found footage to create short experimental films, as well as installations that explore the idea of "expanded cinema". Rafael Balboa works on both individual and collective projects.

Rafael Balboa es un cineasta radicado en la ciudad de méxico, su producción se centra en el cine abstracto, pero recientemente el ha estado trabajando principalmente con película encontrada. Balboa también explora la idea del "cine expandido" tanto como en instalaciones en lo individual como en presentaciones en vivo en lo colectivo.



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One thing that I discovered in my films is that they always reveal themselves as living entities with their own aesthetics. When the work is experimental, it is possible that you fail or that you get somewhere you didn't intent at first. In either case, I try to achieve something that is difficult to describe with words - as Robert Motherwell said: " Sometimes it´s experimentation, but sometimes it's a revelation...". Maybe one part of the revelation is that cinema as art is more powerful than anything else.

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