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Architecture researcher, writer and critic. Ph.D in Architecture and Building Design in the Politecnico di Torino and Master in Advanced Architectural Design in the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid. I am editor in chief of the independent architecture webzine OII+, and president of the Turin-based cultural association Zeroundicipiù, with which I organize cultural activities dedicated to architecture. My writings are published in international magazines such as “MARK”, “World Architecture”, “The Plan” and “Conditions”, as well as in collective books such as "The Kent State Forum on the City. Madrid: Visions, strategies and practices for the contemporary European metropolis" (dpr-barcelona, 2013). My last edited book is "1301iNN ELASTICOSPA+3. Drawing, building, photography" (LetteraVentidue, 2014). Particularly interested in the relations among architecture, capitalism, abandonment, urban landscape, digital media and the current economic crisis, I live between Turin and Madrid researching, writing, giving lectures, etc.


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