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Heyo! I just moved to San Francisco, with my g/f, from Miami and am anxious to get into the music scene. Although I like to jam occasionally, I'm not much of a band performer. I'm classically trained and have been playing the double bass for about 13 years, but I'm really into composing/producing on digital audio workstations. Right now I'm seeking any opportunity to synchronize my music with visual arts or just to simply meet cool creative individuals. Please feel free to check out my sounds and don't hesitate to leave feedback.



If not me, then someone else:
a state of latency,
the result of complacency.
Inadequacy replaced by efficacy
bolsters my faculty to conceive my fantasy.
If I can live in this world, it can be changed by me:
actively seek the qualities within me.
I tell myself, Notious, van of this sonority,
if not me, then no one else can create this reality.

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