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  1. Wonderful time lapse work here!
  2. Magical! I love the slow waterfall images and harmonium music. But what sort of Super 8 film is rated at 10ASA? Certainly not any normal modern stock.
  3. Nice camera work; I'm surprised how steady the image is on your static shots. Most Super 8 I've seen (or shot) is much jumpier.
  4. Robert Hughes commented on Moira & Me in 16mm
    Aw, that's sweet. Great costume! I must say, Moira has a nice set of appendages. Too bad she's so hard on the pets... and the girl. Oh well, just goes to show you shouldn't excite her.
  5. I remember seeing Greg Louganis crack his head on the board at the 1988 Olympics. I've been scared of high dives ever since.
  6. Hey, hey, this is video. It's pretty cool, but why is it in the 16mm forum?