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Hey guys,
I am Vijay from India, currently a freelancer under the name of Cross studios. In the year 2004, I found my passion in the area of Vfx, composting and Motion Graphics and it has remained a passion ever since. My 3 years of work experience as a video editor for a Tamil TV network (Sun TV) has also helped in enhancing my skills in editing and motion graphics.
I am passionate about my work and I know that hard work pays off as reflected on the outcome of any project I undertake. My love for the software Adobe After Effects is profound and very often I find myself addicted to it. I am currently exploring AE scripts and hoping to master it soon. I seek inspiration from the works of renowned vfx artists such as Andrew Kramer,Nick Campbell,Dan Stevers, Bryan Clark and Markus Gustafsson and I regard them as mentors. As a person I am hardworking, good hearted and spiritual with an ardent belief in the power of the Almighty.
My mail id is


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